Thanks for your interest in Sacajawea Elementary's PTA!

Here are our suggestions for getting started!

Memberships are available for: 
  • Individuals ($11)
  • Couples ($20)
  • Staff members ($10)
Membership period for 2024-2025 begins July 1st, 2024 and ends June 30th, 2025 (with a grace period for renewal that ends October 31, 2025). Click here more information on: 
  • How to join
  • Frequently asked questions about membership
  • Whether the membership dues are important

2. Follow us on social media. 

We send updates about events, offers, and news via social media. If you're on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to follow us! As an extra resource, you can also subscribe to Skyhawk News on YouTube! 

3. Check out the PTA Calendar available on our home page. 

We've included: 
  • School calendar information
  • PTA events
  • School performances and programs
  • After-school and before-school clubs, and more!

4. Check out the resources on the rest of Sacajawea PTA's website!

  • Want to help? Check out the Volunteer page, where we update opportunities. 
  • Want to attend a meeting? PTA Meetings alternate between 2:45 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. meeting times to allow more families to participate. To attend a meeting, learn more here
  • Check out the Links page to find Helpful Links for Parents and Caregivers!
  • Check out the monthly PTA Newsletter, The Skyhawk Scoop! Look for our Staff Spotlight interviews, which began in April 2024!
  • Check out the PTA's Year-At-A-Glance, the line-up of Programs and Events for our PTA. 
  • Peruse Why We Fundraise to learn how PTA fundraising supports the school.
  • Is there something that you want to know, but don't see on our website? Send a message through our Contact form and let us know!

5. Complete the PTA Helper Survey

There are SO many ways to be involved. Some require just a little time, and some roles require more serious ongoing involvement. The form, found here, asks about your interests, skills, and availability. You can indicate how you might like to help during the school year. 

6. Complete the VPS Volunteer Application.

To volunteer around students at the school, or on field trips, you'll be required to complete the district's basic application, which includes a background check. Volunteer clearance is good for 2 years. Find the application here.  

7. If you shop at Fred Meyer: set up your Fred Meyer account to support Sacajawea Elementary PTA, organization VJ178, through the Community Rewards program.

This rewards program is a great one! It doesn't cost you money or Rewards points, and it's really easy to sign up. Find step-by-step instructions on our website, www.sacpta.com/rewards.

8. Make sure that you download the Parent Square App and the Seesaw App.

This isn't PTA-specific but will help make sure that you get important messages from the school and your child's teacher. 

Download the Parent Square app on Google Play or the Apple App Store

Advice from "a friend" who learned the hard way: Go into your Application Settings. Make sure that you've allowed Notifications.

Similarly, if your child's teacher uses the program, Seesaw, for updates, make sure that you download the App at Google Play or the Apple Store. If you're not getting notifications, allow them or check for updates periodically.

9. Set up the Box Tops for Education App on your phone and review the list of Box Tops products for items that your household purchases.

Download the Box Tops App, and select Sacajawea Elementary School as the organization you're supporting. Scanning a receipt with Box Tops products earns money for our school. Find step-by-step instructions on our website, www.sacpta.com/rewards, including the link to the Box Tops product list.