5th Grade Committee

Your child is in the fifth grade this year? Congratulations! (We'll save all our emotions about our kids finishing elementary school for later!)

There will be lots of fun 5th grade field trips and other activities throughout the year. Fundraising and planning for our students' End of the Year Celebration starts early in the year. And we'll need support from the families of 5th graders to make it all happen!

5th Grade Fundraising

During the year, we typically have a few fundraisers specifically benefiting the 5th grade. These fund the 5th grade class T-shirt and Yearbooks, the Legacy Gift, and the Last Day of School Celebration. 

The Snack Shack sales, held at Family Fun events and select lunch periods, are one popular and successful fundraiser benefiting the 5th grade. We ask parents of 5th graders for donations of snack items, and ask for volunteers to help at the sales (typically 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. during the school day). CLICK HERE to get involved. 

Legacy Gift

Each year, based on funds, the 5th grade committee researches school needs and decides on a gift the 5th graders can present to the school. Examples of past Legacy gifts include donations to the Sacajawea Media Center, a new Skyhawk costume for our Self-Manager Assemblies, and a new outdoor picnic table for the Sacajawea grounds. In 2024, the graduating class purchased two composting benches for Sacajawea's Gathering Garden.  

The Last Day of School Celebration is meant to be a special day for our 5th graders and 5th grade parent volunteers. A school assembly (parents welcome!) honors the graduating 5th graders. Students have a field day with fun activities and enjoy a picnic lunch (i.e., pizza or boxed lunches) and time together to sign yearbooks. Most of the planning for this event starts in February/March.

We always need volunteers! 

If you're interested in planning and/or volunteering for 5th-grade activities, CLICK HERE to get involved.

Please note: 

So much fun for ALL Skyhawks!

April 2024 Lunch Sale

Fall 2023 Lunch Sale

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