You can help Sacajawea's garden grow during Summer Break!

SIGN UP HERE to water the garden during Summer break

When our Skyhawks return this Fall, we'd love for them to find the Gathering Garden full of life and interesting learning opportunities! 

Thanks so much for your help!

Getting Ready to Water? 

From the composting bench on the East/school side of the garden (Padlock code: 3768), you'll need to get out these items: 

Irrigation coupler (with spigot) & screwdriver!

Watering wand

In-ground irrigation cover in the grass behind the East/school side composting bench

Connecting to the in-ground water hook-up: 


Detaching from the water hook-up: 



Garden Calendar

Your time slot scheduled HERE will be visible on the calendar below. To change the date you plan to come, use your original confirmation email and its Reschedule link.